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Could Not

Could Not is a movement phrase that I created from the one of the essence poems that I have posted a few weeks ago.

Much to my excitement, some of the movements in this dance are echoed in the deconstructed textual forms that were collected from the stories.  Maybe I can utilize dance not only to inform what sort of movements the Automata make, but also to inform which deconstructed forms to use and in what manner to use them.  Maybe I can create an Automata Box which encapsulates a poem through having multiple forms each performing a difference movement and through their rhythm create a surreal narrative.  There is definitely a lot of room for exploration here.

Deconstructed Text

How do we write when we write about stress?

A story is not just its narrative, it is also the medium through which it is shared.  Handwritten stories are rich in information and character.  Some words are written quickly in short-hand others with loose or tight lines.  Curves and lines intersect to create expressive forms with hidden meanings.


forms on fabric

I am collecting these forms as I deconstruct the stress stories.  The variety in handwriting provides for a rich vocabulary of forms.  I am curious in how I can utilize these forms to create or adorn characters to thread the layer of text into the final representation.  Here they are depicted drawn onto fabric that has been used in casting wire forms.  I was experimenting with the vibrancy of Sharpie and the ethereal bleeding of waterproof drawing ink.


Essence Poems

From the stress stories that I have collected, I pulled out phrases that resonated strongly and seemed to highlight the essence of the narrative, so to speak.  I wrote these phrases randomly in two columns, and to my delight, I ended up with two cohesive and powerful poems.  Each phrase is subjective in nature and may have been slightly altered to increase the ambiguity of its subject, this has been done to maintain anonymity of the source and to allow for a myriad of interpretations.

I hope you enjoy these poems.  I find that they express a lot of internal strife and rase questions of identity and autonomy.

Essence Poems

First Week, Surveys Collected

20150123_190041“Vent about your stressful life; share a story!”

Between imploring students, this wonderful sign, and the temptation of candy, I was able to collect stories from 36 Grinnellians! Thus beginning a semester of exploration.

I cannot wait to deconstruct all of the stress narratives that I have collected to see what forms they behold.  My plan is collect reoccurring words and phrases that appear in the stories and to analyze the differences in how they manifest themselves to different people.  In the survey I asked how the participant self-identifies and to classify how frequent and intense the experience was in order to put the stories within their context.  Hopefully I can find a way to highlight the subjectivity of stress in the final project and honor the stories that were shared with a powerful final project.

I am also quite curious what movements may be found from an interpretation of the most frequent words and experiences, or what visuals come from graphical analysis, and the hidden forms in the handwriting, and most of all, what happens in the stories.

The final performances are not going to be a montage of the stories, but rather a collection of the deconstructed essences rearranged into something thought provoking.  Each story is truly unique and is an aggregate of events and emotions that caused it.  Any presentation of these experiences can be nothing other an abstract, because it is a representation of a complex interaction of many factors.

I am not sure what the final performance will look like or attempt to express, but it is certainly going to be awesome